About Me


My first love has always been BOOKS. I have always been passionate about reading whether it is a journal, text book, or novels. Though I prefer the novels. Thanks to ebooks, my favorite gadgets are my phone, kindle, laptop, and my iPad. 

Now I have started Digital Reads Library for providing various book and author services. 

I started with editing and critiquing non fiction work for my friends 8 years ago. Now, since the past 4 years, I have gone into beta reading and editing fiction and non-fiction for both traditional and self-published authors. Do go through the various testimonials and acknowledgments from budding and published authors. 

I offer various book publicity services on social media. I organize book blog tours for authors and publishers. I offer being a virtual assistant, mailing and marketing for authors, depending on our mutual understanding. I make simple banners and posters for book promotion. Ghostwriting for non English speaking authors. 

I have also started drawing on the request of a couple of authors. I don creative hat sometimes and write personal pieces and poems on my blog. 

So, now…. I am a beta reader, an editor/proofreader, a publicist, a blogger, a reviewer, a writer, an artist, and hopefully a lot more, as I discover my creative side.

It is said the sky is the limit, so now I want to explore my skies and go soaring…



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Josh Torres, 1st April 2019 at 12:58am on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

Shalini’s feedback was concise and on point. From her report, I understood what sort of big-picture changes I needed to make to my novel and from her side comments on the novel, I was able to see what worked and what didn’t on a smaller scope. She is very helpful and was willing to go over how I could fix my novel and give feedback and suggestions based on my ideas. I would recommend the service to anyone. It’s clear Shalini knows what she’s talking about when it comes to character development, pacing, and plot as she’s read so many books, so her feedback is the best it can be. 

Josh Torres


T. L  Martin, 4 March 2018 at 11:49am on this blog and on Goodreads 

Author of Touched by Death 

I’ve hired Shalini twice now thanks to a friend’s referral, and she’s blown me away with her outstanding service both times. Her reports are not only more thorough than the other betas I’ve worked with, but they’re also brilliantly precise. She will spot your manuscript’s strengths while narrowing down each weakness and providing suggestions on how to address them. I’m looking forward to hiring again for future works!


T. L. Martin