Gina, 27th February 2020 at 07:12am on Goodreads 

Budding Author


Shalini did a fantastic job beta reading my 87k word novel. I have read and reread her feedback, and I’m making several changes based on her observations. The story is already so much better, and my mind is racing with new ideas.

Her comments were straightforward and easy to understand, and she commented on areas she liked and areas that needed work.

I still have a ways to go, but I just wanted to jump on here and give her a shout out. Shalini has been an enormous help, and I truly appreciate her kindness and thoroughness in her feedback. I’ll definitely contact her again in the future when my next story is ready for betas.

G M Rinderle

Stjepan, 20th February 2020 at 01:42am on Goodreads 

Author of Magic Clogs


Shalini has done a great job with my new novella and will be confident that our collaboration will continue.

Stjepan Varesevac

Loren Teese, 11th February 2020 at 01:42am on Goodreads 

Goodreads Author 


Shalini has worked on three stories of mine, so far. She is very professional, and takes extreme care to understand your work, and to try to adapt to your style as much as possible.
A very good service that I’ll happily continue using in the future.

Loren Teese

Olivia, 6th February 2020 at 12:54 am on Goodreads 

Budding Author


Shalini did a beta reading for my short story submission and I was just blown away with the level of detail that was put into it. I had some really honest feedback, both positive and negative as well as some really strong pointers that I can work on with making this a really strong piece.

She was so quick with getting the feedback to me and read my short story very quickly and was so responsive. I had thoughts she had when she was reading as well as more thoughts when the story was done. Because of Shalini I know where I was weak on and where I was really strong, and know where I need to work on getting my story up to good quality reading to submit to my competition.

I really look forward to working with Shalini for the second and third draft as needed, as well would love to work with her on future projects. Just the best beta reader I have ever worked with hands down.

Olivia Rya Jones


Asiel Lavi, 30th January 2020 at 01:40pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author


Whatever I will say about Shalini it will not be enough. I was struggling with my 100k novel because English is my second Language and I needed a lot of help. I was so fortunate to come across her page, and she literally saved my novel. I found Shalini so professional and accurate. Her editing was up and beyond, her ideas were so helpful, and she never hesitated to provide helpful thoughts and suggestions. For beta reading; she provided me with a detailed feedback, in-line comments, pointed out the unclear points, and suggested alternative solutions to improve the prose. Shalini is so friendly, generous and intelligent. She worked with the novel as it was her own, took great care about details, gave much attention to each line and every scene. She is an honest human being, and it was an honor to know her and work with her. I definitely recommend her services and will work with her again. Thank you Shalini.


Asiel Lavi

Ann Girdharry, 8th January 2020 at 08:48pm on Goodreads 

Author of the Killer crime series and the Kal Medi crime series, including Good Girl Bad Girl, an Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist 2017


I’m happy to recommend Shalini as a beta reader. She gave me insightful feedback on my next release, Killer Secret. Shalini has a great grasp of what makes a story work and she pointed out some key areas for me to work on in the plot and the character arcs. 

Ann Girdharry

Alex, on 27th December 2019 at 03:52 am on Goodreads

Budding Author 

I’ve written my novel in English (my 2nd language), so I needed a lot of editing, and she did a great job. Prices are reasonable too.


Alex Carter Emerson

Chino, 6th December 2019 at 03:56 pm on Goodreads

Author of Special and The Hunter And The Oracle

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Shalini. Her feedback is always thorough and insightful.

I would highly recommend her services. 



Chino Chakanga

Charlotte Phillips, 19th October 2019 at 02:50 pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

Shalini did a great job on the chapters I sent her.

She gave very clear and detailed feedback, both in comments on the text and in a separate document. She also edited a problem section for me, which goes above and beyond the remit of a beta read.

Well worth the money, I will be using her again.

Charlotte Phillips

Gail Griffiths, 9th October 2019 at 05:27 pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

Shalini is a true treasure. Her critique was brilliant. I saw my story in a whole new light and rewrote a good portion of it coming out with a story of which I am proud. I will employ her for my next book, without question.

Gail Griffiths

7827259Leslie Georgeson, 2nd October 2019 at 04:32 pm on Goodreads

Author of The Tracker

Criticism. Yeah, we all hate it. But what’s important is what we DO with it. Hiring an honest, reliable beta reader like Shalini who is not afraid to offer her feedback has helped me tremendously as an author. She points out issues I never noticed, and I take each and every one of her suggestions seriously. Sometimes I might feel hopeless after reading her comments, and think I’ve made such a mess of the manuscript that I can’t possibly fix it. But then my rational brain kicks in and reminds me that ANYTHING is fixable. And after some consideration, I always come up with new ideas to make the book better. I highly recommend Shalini’s services to both published authors and aspiring writers. Shalini makes books better!

Leslie Georgeson

Ashleigh, 23rd August 2019 at 12:35pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

Shalini helped a great deal in helping me figure out where my first book needed improving. She is very respectful and clear in her critiques. I’ll be sure to use her again with my next draft. 


Gail Griffiths, 10 August 2019 at 04:36 am on mail

Budding Author 

Shalini has given me a solid and in depth critique of my manuscript. It is exactly what I needed at this point to get my story refocused and moving in the right direction. If it succeeds commercially, she will have played a major role in that success. I will call on her talents again in the future.

Gail Griffiths

Veena, 5th August 2019 at 11:07 am on mail

Budding Author 

Thank you so much for the very in-depth feedback. I’m fortunate to have found in you just the kind of beta reader I was looking for. I wanted feedback that was frank and insightful. Rather than compliments, I wanted a clear identification of the flaws in the manuscript. And you’ve done an excellent job. You’ve nailed it.  



Isabella Modra, 4th August 2019 at 05:50 pm on mail and Goodreads 

Author of  Rouge

I was thoroughly impressed with Shalini’s beta read of my novel. Not only was she extremely quick and updated me on the progress of her reads, she also came back to me with a dozen pages of detailed revision and had carefully placed comments throughout the manuscript to provide immediate feedback on scenes and dialogue. I would definitely recommend Shalini for an affordable beta read if you have a developed manuscript but need an overseeing eye on major plot and subplot questions that may be difficult to see as the author. I will absolutely contact her for further readings.

Isabella Modra

Vera, 28th July 2019 at 05:20 pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author

Very fast, very thorough. A top-notch beta reader. Thanks, Shalini.

Vera Fernandez

Aya, 26 July 2019 at 04:45 pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

Highly recommended! Shalini was one of the best editors I’ve ever hired. She’s passionate, precise and did an incredible job editing and proofreading my novel. She spotted many errors and wrong sentence structures other editors didn’t notice and I’m forever grateful for her amazing suggestions and helping me polish the novel to perfection. She is very responsive and delivered the manuscript on time as she promised. I’m very happy that I found her and will definitely rehire her again. 


Bernadette, also known as Joanna B McGarry, 13 July 2019 at 04:59 am on Goodreads 

Author of In The Shadow of Rome 

When I first contacted Shalini G. I was not sure what to expect. I had paid more to professional editors previously and had not found them very helpful. I was blown away by Shalini’s detailed feedback, in depth analysis and her generous and professional advice.
I find myself, after reviewing my work a dozen or more times, unable to see the wood for the trees. Shalini’s detailed and in-depth feedback, allowed me to add depth to my story, and to clarify points that would otherwise have been unclear and confusing to the reader.
I am now working on my second novel and of course asked Shalini to Beta read it for me. Using her feedback, I have improved and added so much to a story I thought was complete.
I am truly grateful to Shalini who provides feedback with such a positive and caring attitude – while not sparing necessary criticism! I would never think of finalising a work without her input. 

Bernadette McDade

Samscript, 13th July 2019 at 06:43 am on Goodreads 

Budding Author 

I signed up for Goodreads to find Beta Readers. I’m very happy that I found this thread full of praise for Shalini’s reading service. I have nothing more to add that hasn’t been said here already. She’s excellent. Very thorough, very fast, very affordable. I don’t know of many beta readers who will read your novel multiple times at her price. I was very pleased with the service, and I highly recommend her.

Sam Noon

received_1737191036319045204728232James J Cudney, 2nd July 2019 at 03:31 am on mail 

Author of Father Figure

Proofreading is both a science and an art form. Some readers, like Shalini @DigitalReads, are phenomenal at it. I’m always shocked at how often she’ll locate the smallest of issues or grammatical errors in one of my early drafts. Whether it’s a misplaced comma, a repetitive word, or an overused piece of information, she makes it a point to highlight anything and everything that might be a potential concern. Then, she takes it a step further by discussing the high priority items versus low hang hanging fruit. By the time she’s finished reading your book across several rounds and through various approaches, you are assured it’s as clean as it can possibly be. Kudos to this talented expert for everything she’s proved to be stellar at… thank you!

James J Cudney