Alice Winters

Alice Winters (Alysa), 15 April 2018 at 08:20pm on Goodreads

Author of Hidden in Darkness

Shalini did an amazing job beta reading my novel. She was very quick and had it finished in a quarter of the time her website promised. She had a lot of useful ideas that I was able to incorporate into my novel to make it flow better. She supplied me with a detailed document on how she understood the characters, plot, and setting. She was very helpful on showing me which areas needed worked on. I also loved that she also told me when an area worked really well. During and after reviewing my manuscript, she was there to help me. She was very responsive and quick with her replies. I could usually expect to hear from her within minutes if I had a question. She was also willing to go over any additions I added. I will definitely have her look at my next book.