Cassandra Wilson


Cassie W, 1st June 2019 at 07:00pm on Goodreads 

Budding Author

If you need feedback FAST, Shalini is the way to go. Before I knew it, she had my entire book done in a matter of days. The only thing holding her back was me! Don’t believe me? Try emailing her. She got back to me within an hour of initially contacting her, waaaay faster than any other beta-reader I contacted.

And the quality of her input was very extensive. She not only goes through the manuscript making in-line comments and fixing obvious grammatical errors, her critique report goes over all the major points in your book, such as initial hook, the MC and other characters, plot, pace, world-building, dialogue and much, much more!

She went above and beyond all my expectations and I will undeniably be working with her for future projects.