Hakun Kamminga

Hakun, 29th May 2019 at 06:55pm on Goodreads and on mail

Author of Knowledge series

Shalini was a proper god-send.

After anguishing over a series of books that went well beyond my initial estimate she pointed out swathes of prose that had little or no bearing on the plot; she exposed actors that were either unnecessary or too stereotypical and all wrapped up in a very detailed summary.

Shalini is very analytical and above and beyond, the most helpful individual I could have hoped for with beta reading. She caught many things that put my writing in the perspective from any reader when it comes to backstories, plot holes, actor inconsistencies, pace and many more things that had become lost to me as the my writing had taken so long.

I would recommend Shalini to anyone who less than extremely accomplished writers.