Janelle Trees

Janelle on 5th April 2020 at 06:33pm on Goodreads

Budding Author

For beta reading

Shalini as an excellent Beta Reader. She is an intelligent, compassionate and generous reader, with, incidentally, a sharp eye for a typo or the inadvertent overuse of a word.
I first engaged her services in 2015 or 16, when she worked her way through a 150k word draft that in hindsight was conceptually misguided. In some important ways, it was a dog’s breakfast.
I couldn’t cope with the realisation of that at the time. Shalini was kind, tactful and helpfully honest.
She is culturally sophisticated, erudite and has great intellectual curiosity.
My re-written draft is so much closer to the book I needed to write.
I look forward to working with Shalini more in years to come.