Janelle Trees


Janelle, 07 July 2018 at 11:21am on Goodreads and Blog

Budding Author

I had a great experience with Shalini as my Beta reader. She is highly intelligent, honest and critical, but also will sincerely express moments when she is emotionally moved or intellectually stimulated by the writing.
Like any first draft, mine had problems. I knew it, but could no longer see the work as a whole. It’s a massive project, five years in the writing and 137k words long.
Shalini took it on. Her honest comments helped me to see where the problems lie.
She was my dream beta reader and I am keen to use her again, perhaps for the final copy of this book or for my next book.
My book is very unusual–I know every author thinks that–but it is hard to classify. It’s about encountering non-physical beings that wanted to have a voice through my wife. It’s metaphysical and supernatural and also a down-to-earth memoir.
Shalini is open-minded enough to take it all in her stride. Her honest response was very valuable to me.