Juan Zapata


Juan Zapata, 28 April 2018 at 10:11pm on Goodreads and on this blog 

Author of Golden Skies 

I took a leap of faith hiring Shalini to beta read the second book of my trilogy. My traditionally published novel, Golden Skies, debuts June 12th, and I wanted to find absolute quality. I found a diamond.

Shalini delivers extremely detailed feedback – she responds quickly to author inquiries via email and has no problem answering a writer’s endless tirade of questions to be able to fix mistakes (we probably had like 70 emails between the both of us). But what is most striking about Shalini is her willingness to sit down and brainstorm with writers to find solutions to those mistakes.

I feel that Shalini strengthened my book with reinforced concrete. I will definitely be mentioning her in my acknowledgements and hire her for all future projects – her insight is too valuable to ever throw away. This woman is marvelous <3.