Kimberley Cale

Kimberley on 27th June at 06:49am on Goodreads

Author of Caught


One the the many things I value about Shalini is her honest feedback. Her candid comments make me want to up my game and when she likes something I know she is sincere. As an author getting constructive criticism is a crucial element if you want your writing to evolve. It isn’t the job of a beta reader to do more than state their opinion but she does so much more than that.
Not only did she comment on my story chapter by chapter, pointing out missed spelling mistakes and word repetition, she provided a detailed report I receive from my editor and her feedback really helped deepen my characters and my story. I greatly value how quick she is to respond to e mails and also her ability to meet and exceed deadlines. Count your blessing if you are lucky enough to work with Shalini I know I do. Thank you Shalini.