Lara, 18 February 2018 at 12:00

I was so surprised by Shalini, she is an amazing and passionate beta reader. I asked for the service of “chapter by chapter analysis with light editing”. She had stated it will take about 4-6weeks for my word count but delivered in less time than that. She was highly professional and accessible, ready to get to work! Professional (expensive) manuscript evaluations often leave you even more stuck with vague comments on a few pages. And writing groups, for me personally was not a right fit especially if you are extremely time poor (respectfully you have to commit to evaluating other manuscripts to get yours reviewed!). I believe in my story, I simply cannot afford editorial services at this stage but want to get a move on with my novel. Then I came across Shalini, her list of services gave me hope. I was also impressed as she presented more than I expected and can finally proceed forward with more confidence! Thank you kindly