Leslie Georgeson

7827259Leslie Georgeson, 2nd October 2019 at 04:32 pm on Goodreads

Author of The Tracker

Criticism. Yeah, we all hate it. But what’s important is what we DO with it. Hiring an honest, reliable beta reader like Shalini who is not afraid to offer her feedback has helped me tremendously as an author. She points out issues I never noticed, and I take each and every one of her suggestions seriously. Sometimes I might feel hopeless after reading her comments, and think I’ve made such a mess of the manuscript that I can’t possibly fix it. But then my rational brain kicks in and reminds me that ANYTHING is fixable. And after some consideration, I always come up with new ideas to make the book better. I highly recommend Shalini’s services to both published authors and aspiring writers. Shalini makes books better!