Mirella Jaber

Mirella Jaber, 25 August 2017 at 06:02 on blog and Goodreads 

I have recently contacted Dr Shalini G for her betareading services concerning my 80 000 words memoir. I must confess that I did not have great expectations, as I had previous unsatisfactory experiences with other betareaders. I was, however, far from imagining how our work together was to change my preconceived idea.

I found Dr Shalini to be an experienced reader and a versed betareader who grasped well the multiple layered themes and underlying communication. With her honest, detailed feedback, her in depth analysis, her competent and professional advice, she demonstrates a good mastery of the current demands in today’s publishing world.

More often than not we, authors, are suffering from that “blind spot syndrome” that doesn’t allow us to spot fatal weaknesses. Her skilled eye quickly identified the things that work well, but especially the things that aren’t, which, in my opinion as a writer, is crucial to the perfecting of any work. I don’t know how she does it, but, in an unexpected, short amount of time, she did all that, with competence, balance and appropriate distance, providing , at the same time, quality editing for grammar and punctuation, and I am even grateful for her vocabulary nuances that proved to be the solutions needed in that specific context.

Personally, I cannot express well enough my gratitude for her priceless contribution to my work, which, I am convinced, has much better chances to be seriously considered by agents. I am confidently looking forward to writing my next book, knowing that I will ask for her services again, if she will have me.

Thank you, Shalini, for adding so much value to my work!