Priya Guns

Priya Guns, 29 May 2018 at 01:54pm on Goodreads and this blog 

Budding Author

I was very lucky to find Shalini’s Beta Reading services. Shalini is a meticulous and thorough Beta-Reader. Even on her rapid service, she delivered detailed and honest feedback after reading my manuscript three times, in a week! Her live commentary whilst reading alleviated all of my concerns, providing insight into what readers may be speculating. Her notes on each character, and writer’s craft, as well as her suggestions, were precisely what I needed to polish my manuscript. I appreciate the time and thought Shalini put into my work, as if it were her own, with absolute honesty and with much consideration. She kept communication with me constantly and was always quick to respond. I felt I could really trust Shalini and her expertise. I would highly recommend Shalini for authors looking for an honest, concise and thorough beta-read. She went above and beyond what I had expected, and her fees are reasonable and well worth it! I will be using her services in the future and am sincerely grateful for the TLC she gave my work. Thank you Shalini! xx