Teralyn Mitchell

Teralyn on 20th July at 11:01pm on Goodreads

Author of Between Two Moons


Shalini exceeded my expectations! This was my first time using a paid beta service and it was more than I thought I’d get. She sent my manuscript back in the timeframe she promised. Having overall feedback as well as chapter by chapter feedback is going to help me take my story to the next level. Shalini left a lot of helpful tips and feedback that I couldn’t quite see even after reading through it once. Her comments were polite but straightforward. It was clear she read my story and gave constructive advice to help bring my characters to life and keep my story from falling flat. I liked the detail and attention she paid to the smallest things that would have been easy to miss if not reading closely.

I will use the feedback, notes, and suggestions to make my story better and ready to be published in a few months. Thank you so much, Shalini, for your feedback on my story and getting it back to me in the time that you promised! I’ll definitely be using her again in the future.