Thomas Zman

Thomas on 22nd May 2020 at 02:48pm on Goodreads

Author of Before It Began


I have used Shalini numerous times over the years. Her talents as both a beta reader and editor has radically transformed my stories. Never would I attempt publishing my work without first having Shalini give me her in-depth analysis of it. Her constructive criticism is spot on. For those with an open mind and are willing to accept what she has to say when it comes to making their writing better, Shalini is truly a Godsend. She is not one to fluff her critiques with false words of praise–– The praises will come after you have taken her advice and incorporated it into your writing. Truly a wonder is her critical eye and analytical mind. You will thank her––as have all the others stacked above this review––once you work with her.