Venkat Rao

Venkat Rao, 16 May 2018 at 05:21am on my blog

Budding Author of Spirituality

It was by pure chance that I came across Shalini as I was looking for an ideal beta reader for my book in the spiritual self-help genre. But I also believe there are no accidents. Shalini was the ideal beta reader. She went through the manuscript multiple times and gave feedback both from a high level and from the ground level. Her comments and critique are spot on and very thorough. The insights and suggestions offered are certainly going to make the book much better.

Shalini went way over and above what is expected of a beta read in many ways. By sharing her reactions and feelings as she read the book, she gave me a “live view” of what a reader might go through as they read the book. And the turnaround time was faster than I expected.

From my heart, Thank You Shalini! Your positive imprint will be there in the book.