Vera Fernandez

Vera Fernandez, 30 June 2018 at 05:01pm on Goodreads

Author of Paradise is Not Forever

Shalini has just completed the beta read on the first book in a series that I am writing. I have nothing but good to say about her work. Thorough and efficient, she provided a full report plus inline notes which were fully justified, explained well and extremely useful. We all know that stage when you really can’t see the wood for the trees in your own creation and having an intelligent and thoughtful reader like Shalini is essential. She is brilliant. Thank you, Shalini.

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A real gem of a beta reader. Shalini is thorough and detailed, providing a full report and inline notes on the ms. The notes are clear, justified and very helpful. I have been writing for a few years but this current project is the largest I have ever undertaken and Shalini has really helped to clarify my thoughts on the beginning of a really big project.