Vern Rud

Vern on 6th Jan at 10:26am on Goodreads

Budding Author


Shalini was a beta reader for my epic fantasy MS. (over 200k words)

It was truly a pleasure to work with her. Never before had I received such detailed and comprehensive feedback. She was responsive in her communication, and her feedback clear and well thought out. For my MS, she gave me very constructive and valuable feedback for each chapter. Obviously well versed in fantasy, she helped me immensely in navigating and avoiding some of the common pitfalls inherent to the genre as well as pointing out the strengths and weaknesses for each chapter. I especially enjoyed the little personal touches that she included such as her feelings (and POV) as a reader, plot issues, and explaining potential problem areas. (Too wordy, too slow in development, character development, etc)

She clearly put a lot of time and work into providing helpful feedback and I would definitely recommend her services. Most importantly, she helped me break my writer’s block.